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Ester Polaina

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My name is Ester Polaina and I am doing a PhD at Conservation Biology Department. The title of my thesis is “Human factors and biodiversity loss: a multidisciplinary approach“. Using global databases of distribution of vertebrates around the World based on The Red List of the IUCN, I am trying to find connections between the conservation status of vertebrate species and the socioeconomic human context in which they live.

Some of the questions I am trying to answer are: Why some countries have more threatened animal species than others? Has it anything to do with their economic development or the money they spend in preserve their fauna? Are there species that are better preserved because they are located in concrete areas of the World or it is just a matter of hazard or any other environmental/biogeographic issues?

It can be noticed that threatened species of animals are not equally distributed around the Globe. This can be explained by many factors, starting by the biogeographic history of our Planet, and following by the different environmental characteristics or the intrinsic factors of the species and the interactions among living creatures. However, we should not forget that human beings are part of these interacting creatures and we perform a crucial role not only on the side of the impacts, but also on the side of the conservation. All in all, understanding human contexts in which species seem to be more vulnerable, can open our eyes in order to take decisions and improve the management of Biodiversity.

My supervisors are PhD Eloy Revilla and PhD Manuela González-Suárez.

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