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PhD seminars – Steps to get a postdoc


Within our series of PhD seminars, where every month we invite an EBD researcher to talk about scientific careers, tips and science in general, last Tuesday we had Manuela González as our guest researcher. She provided us with a great bunch of tips to get our dreamed postdoc (here you can find the pdf in Spanish and here a list of useful online resources and job posting sites). As a brief summary these are a few of the ideas commented:

Be aware of jobs offered in e-mail lists such as EcoLog or Society for Conservation Biology.

Applying to a job be careful! Read and follow the instructions, try to know the group in advance and prepare a great cover letter (as it would be in most of the cases the only thing they will read.

For the interview, get ready!! Prepare in advance the possible questions and behave! In this practical guide you can get some ideas about how a potential employer could think.

Become important online: create a web site, be active in academic networks (e.g. and take care with Facebook pics!


2 thoughts on “PhD seminars – Steps to get a postdoc

  1. I think it is being a really positive experience this idea of seminars with “home researchers”. I really enjoy them!

  2. It was a lot of fun to do this! thanks for inviting me.

    An additional thought is that being an activity blogger in this type of science communication forum is something else to add to your CV and to emphasize in grant applications when asked about science outreach and communication to the public.

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