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Online resources to get a Postdoc

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This list is based on a previous recopilation by Manuela González and it is under continous review. If you want to include other links or comment something about them let us know.

Career development resources

Sites to search for jobs


One thought on “Online resources to get a Postdoc

  1. Nice recopilation of links!
    Here are some more usefull links which I gathered during my search for a position.

    – Writing for nature
    – German Zoological Society
    – Zoological Society of London
    – The Wildlife Society (USA)
    – Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    – Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (USA)
    – Environmental Career Opportunities (USA)
    – Environmental Jobs (UK)
    – Eco Jobs in Europe
    – Earthworks-Jobs
    – Marine Mammal Jobs
    – New Scientist Job
    – Scales project
    – StepStone (in German) (in German)
    http://www.biojob-bö (in German)
    – European section of the Society for Conservation Biology mailing list
    – Ecological Society of America mailing list (ECOLOG-L)
    – Young Modellers in Ecology (YoMo) mailing list

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