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Alberto Suárez-Esteban

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I am Alberto Suárez-Esteban, a PhD Student at Doñana Biological Station. Along with my supervisors (Miguel Delibes and José Mª Fedriani), I am assessing how human linear structures, such as trails and firebreaks, modify plant-animal interactions – both mutualistic (e.g. seed dispersal, pollination) and antagonistic (e.g. seed predation, herbivory) – and how such modifications determine the diversity and distribution of plant communities, and hence landscape configuration.

As a consequence of human activities, most ecosystem are now strongly degraded. Finding out how to turn such degraded ecosystems into diverse and functional ones is clearly a huge challenge that requires both basic and applied science. Those are actually my research goals.

I am also very interested on translating ecosystem functionality into applied fields, such as food production.

If you want to know more about me please feel free to visit my website:


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