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PhD seminars- How to prepare a great research project?

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As every month, PhD students had our seminar dose. Yesterday, it was the turn of Pedro Jordano, scientific researcher in the EBD and member of the evaluation panels of the “Starting Grants” and “Plan Nacional I+D+I” projects. He talked about how to prepare a competitive research project in order to obtain funds and gave us advice to avoid common mistakes.
I highlight here some points commented by Pedro:


It´s time to sell your ideas!
  • Take your time getting information about the funding institution, read carefully the application instructions and focus your project accordingly. Don´t use the same proposal for different calls!
  • Avoid pompous redaction and  “overselling”; any excess is bad.
  • Budget your project in detail, some  may not be funded due to vague proposals.
  • Finally…Review, review and review the project once again. Before applying, it is a good idea to send your draft to people you trust, so you can get a critical review.

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