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PhD seminars – CVs in a scientific career

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New month, new seminar! This time by Andy Green, who told us about his career as a researcher. His path has been quite motley and curious. First, he studied zoology at university and he did his PhD on amphibians in Oxford. As much of us, he nearly left it after an awful unsuccessful year. In the end, he kept on trying and he came up with his desired results. His advice was “do not listen to your boss”. Of course, don’t follow this as a rule but sometimes it’s a good idea to think for ourselves, even more if we’re stuck.

Then, he stopped what we understand as a “researching career” and he moved into another field, the NGOs world. He worked at worked “The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust”, an NGO whose aim was mainly bird conservation. He held the position of head of the Threatened Species Unit within the Research Department, and he mostly published informative articles and wrote conservation projects. Such a change –moving form science to animal conservation- in Spain could be seen as the end of our career, but nothing further, and Andy is one example of that. After a 4-year period at this task he moved again to science and came here, at the EBD!


The moral of this story, as Andy said, is that not everything is scientific production,    biology is a multidisciplinary doctrine and the found of wisdom won’t be in our tiny filed. Perhaps in our country hiring PhDs for NGOs isn’t very common and it’s seen as a loss of time, but in others countries with a longer tradition in animal conservation it could be an advantage.

Here I link a few webs about CVs in science and science students:


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