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Miguel Camacho

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Miguel Camacho

I started my PhD on 2011 on the Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics Group (Dept. of Integrative Ecology). My advisor is Jennifer Leonard (EBD-CSIC) and my co-advisor is Jesus Maldonado (National Zoo, US). I study the diversification of mammals in Sundaland. I want to understand the role that the topography and the geological history have played in generating and maintaining the biodiversity on this region. I am using DNA sequences to describe the neutral variation of some groups across the region. I have focused on Sundamys, a group of rats, as a model to evaluate the effect that sea level fluctuations and vegetations changes in the recent geological past have had on shaping the biodiversity on this region. I will compare neutral variation to other genes involved in adaptation to high altitude to study how and when mammal communities endemic to mountains on this region have formed. I have participated in two field expeditions to Borneo to collect animal samples for genetic analysis. My work also involves collaborations with other groups that do fieldwork on this region and working with museum specimens. We are using novel strategies to sequence mitochondrial and nuclear DNA from recent and museum samples using high-throughput platforms. I am interested in collaborating with people that is working on describing biodiversity on Southeast Asia or is currently doing fieldwork in Sundaland to share resources.



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